Cabin Related queries (see below for 'Shed Queries)

  1. I'd like to make a few changes to my cabin, i.e. a bespoke cabin. Is this possible?
  2. Yes, we can customise your cabin in many ways. Make it higher, take out windows, add doors, add windows etc. Please let us know what changes we need to make to turn your cabin into your dream cabin. A bespoke cabin does not significantly change the price, although any customisation will add cost onto the base price of you cabin. And because the cabin is 'bespoke', the delivery time is longer than the typical delivery time.
  3. I can't find quite what I'm looking for on your website. Do you have more log cabins you can show me?
  4. We list the most popular log cabins and generally, the cabins that do not need planning permission. Please call or come in for a chat and we can go over your requirements, and design a bespoke log cabin for you. In addition, we may have some unlisted cabins from our supplier that may be of interest.
  5. Do I need to paint or treat my log cabin?
  6. Yes, you need to treat both the inside of the cabin and the outside. If you treat just one side, water is drawn into the wood by capillary action, causing the cabin to get very damp. If you like the natural look of beautiful wood then a clear preservative can be used. If you wish to paint the cabin, we suggest Sadolin Superdec. Two or three different colours can transform the look of your cabin, so the options are endless.
  7. What about planning permission?
  8. Most sheds and cabins under 2.5m at the eaves do not need planning permission. For more details, please see our dedicated 'Planning' section.
  9. My cabin seems to move! What's going on?
  10. Wood is a living material and as such, it expands and contracts depending on how much moisture is in the air. Our log cabins can increase in height by up to an inch. After a few years the cabins settle and there is less movement.
  11. What sort of glazing do you use?
  12. The gazing we supply depends on the cabin ordered. If your log cabin is supplied with single glazing as standard, then it is usually possible to upgrade it to double glazing for a small charge.
  13. What extras are there? What else do I need to consider when buying a log cabin from Country Garden Buildings?
  14. At Country Garden Buildings we aim to be transparent about all our costs. In addition to the price of the Log Cabin or shed, you need to factor in assembly, a suitable base, and floor and ceiling insulation. All our cabins and sheds are supplied with roofing felt or shingle (see the specific cabin for details) and floors. Sometimes our supplier specifies a log cabin without a floor, and this may be noted in the brochure. However, we DO quote for the full cabin, so as to avoid surprises! Should you opt for a 'full' installation from Country Garden Buildings, the only other extra would be painting. All our pricing is displayed alongside the cost of the cabin or shed.
  15. I have a base already, can I re-use it?
  16. When installing a log cabin, the base has to be 100% level. This is because the wood is engineered and has to fit together perfectly. Any imperfections in the base and the cabin will not assemble correctly, so you are left with gaps. We suggest that you either get a concrete base poured professionally, or let Country Garden Buildings do it for you. We offer a 'one stop shop' so you don't need to arrange multiple contractors. For our smaller cabins, you can use a wooden 'bearer base', which again needs to be perfectly level. However, a concrete base is the best and this is what you should aim for!
  17. What about electrics? Lighting, heating etc?
  18. It’s very easy to put in electrics in your cabin. An electrician can fit lights and plug points in a few hours. Once you have electricity, a small electric heater should provide enough heat for most needs.

Shed Questions

  1. What sort of base do you advise for my shed?
  2. Country garden Buildings advises that you carefully prepare a good, level base. We can quote for doing this, and offer two options.
  1. A Wooden Bearer Base – this is simply a wood base made from treated wood, to the same size of the shed. Ideally laid on builder’s sand, or a suitable sub base which allows water to drain away.
  2. A Dry Slab Base. This is a better base, where sharp sand is levelled and paving blocks laid on top of the sand. The shed rests on top of the paving slabs.
Regardless of the base, the area must be levelled and water must be able to drain away, otherwise water can cause the shed base to rot.
  1. I'm worried about security. Do I have to have to have windows?
  2. All the sheds we sell can be customised to some extent. For example, if you don't want windows, you can order your shed, and elect no windows. Another option regarding security is 'security windows' which are small windows, which let in light, but are too small to climb through. In addition, hinges can be placed on the inside
  3. What about a dual purpose shed? I'd like a shed for my tools but also a covering for a wood store.
  4. This is possible and lots of our customers do this. We've had customers with 1/3rd shed, 1/3rdwoodstore and 1/3rd greenhouse. All manner of options are available so please talk to us regarding your requirements.