Buyers Guide

Log Cabins Buying a log cabin can be a daunting task. Firstly, you have to decide what you want to use your log cabin for. Because the cabin is outside, it’s quite natural to want to double up on the usage; a cabin on one side and a shed on the other. Or perhaps use it as a kid’s playroom, and gym etc. Fortunately, the cabins and the cabin layout are quite flexible. There are many standard cabins that can be dual purposed. Indeed, some of the log cabins may, by their design, offer you more options than you were initially thinking about. Once you have decided on the style of cabin you want, you need consider practicalities. What size thickness log? How many windows, doors? The placing of the windows and doors, and can you run electricity to your new cabin? At Country Garden Buildings, we have the experience and knowledge to help you if you decide on which is the ideal structure for your property. As a starting guide, we suggest:
  1. Look at the style of the log cabin. A log cabin adds great aesthetic value to your garden. There are many variations. Look though our website, find the ones you like the look of. We've got all sorts of cabin; chalet style, pent (flat) roofs, Apex cabins with the apex at the front or the side; uneven apex, where one part of the roof has a much longer run than the other part, hexagonal cabins; modern cabins and traditional cabins. Do you want an overhang, or a terrace?
  2. Setting. Where is your log cabin going to go? Alongside a fence you can have a rectangular cabin, whereas if it will be located in a corner, there are cabins specifically designed to go into a corner. In the middle of your garden, a hexagonal shaped cabin for a summer house effect?
  3. Doors and Windows. Think about where you log cabin will be placed. Will some windows look into a fence or wall? Will you be able to place the cabin so that the door is in a convenient location? While it's cheaper and quicker to get a standard cabin, we are able to customise your cabin. We can remove or add a window, move doors around, add new windows and doors. We can also make the log cabins higher, or sometimes, lower, if you wish. Please contact us to discuss a bespoke cabin. And don't worry! Just because the cabin is bespoke, it does not mean that the cost rockets!
  4. Quality. The thickness of the wood used in a log cabin is fundamental to the quality and cost. Simply put, thicker is better. We start with log cabins using 34mm thick logs. 34mm logs cabins offer a good compromise between cost and quality. The 34mm logs are stable enough to provide a solid cabin, and still offer good value for money. Next up are 40mm and 44mm log cabins. These offer much better insulation and feel rather solid. Top of the range are the 70mm log cabin and 94mm log cabins. These thick logs provide year round insulation and are typically found on our larger log cabins or houses. In addition to heat insulation, they also insulate against noise. So if you are thinking of a garden office, maybe a thicker log should be considered? Again, we can provide you with a bespoke log cabin using thicker logs.
Once you have decided what type of cabin you are getting and where it will go, think about the integration with your garden. Country Garden Buildings can blend your garden in with your new cabin to create a stunning new addition to your property. Garden Sheds Every garden needs a shed. At Country Garden Buildings, we have a range of sheds, in all shapes and sizes. If you are unsure about what to buy, we've produced this list to help you understand the different options, sizes and specifications available. Firstly, the size of your garden shed. A garden shed is like a suitcase. You should always go for the biggest one that is practical. Although the price goes up the larger the garden shed is, it’s well worth spending a bit extra initially. By buying too small a shed, and then having to buy another one to get more space, you could spend a lot more than one large shed. Our garden sheds range in size from 6'x4' to around 20'x10'. Larger sheds are available; just let us know what you are looking for. Secondly, the style. Garden sheds are differentiated by the roof (flat 'pent' style roof, or Apex – think inverted V). Which style is most pleasing to the eye for you? Where do you want the water to run off? Think also about the design – do you want a deep shed, for example 8' long, and 6' wide, or is a wide shed more practical? For example, 8' wide, by 4' deep? Doors and Windows? Do you want windows? Which side do you want the windows. The same questions apply regarding the doors. Where do you want the door, and do you perhaps need a double door? Our garden sheds can be changed and customised to suit your requirements for a small fee. In addition, there are many options, like security windows, opening windows, stable doors, security hinges. Speak to us or send us your requirements (or a drawing). We're very happy to discuss your needs and offer our advice. Quality Our garden sheds are well made buildings, using only wood in the construction. The walls, roof and floor are all wood. No chipboard, OSB or fibreboard is used. This makes the sheds more expensive than similar products using cheaper materials. In addition, the thickness of the wood makes for a robust shed. However, there are instances where a really heavy duty shed is required. For this purpose, we have the 'Buckingham Heavy Duty' shed. This is a fantastic shed, which has 16mm shiplap walls, 16mm Tongue and Groove Floor and ceiling boards, and a solid 38x50mm Frame. In addition to garden sheds, we can supply playhouses, corner houses, tool stores and pretty summer houses. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us. It’s more than likely that we will be able to build your perfect shed for you.